My previous scleral lenses caused my eyes to be constantly red. I have two rather large pingueculas on each eye. When I heard of the EyeprintPRO, I wanted to try them out. With my new EyePrintPRO, my redness is completely gone, my vision is great and my wife and I are extremely happy.
Rafael N.
My EyePrintPRO are extremely comfortable, have excellent acuity and provides me with eyesight at a level I have not enjoyed for years. Wind, dust have been no concern during wearing time. They are great!Andy K.
Ever since I can remember I have always struggled with poor eyesight. I was told my only hope was to have a corneal transplant at some point in the future. I learned recently about having a mold made of my eyes to make custom fit EyePrintPRO Clear Scleral Shells. Even though I just started wearing these EyePrintPRO, I am very pleased to say the lenses are very comfortable and the vision is much better than what I have experienced in the past. I can’t tell you how pleased I am to not have to undergo a corneal transplant.
Coleen W.
I have a pinguecula at 9 and 3 o’clock on my right eye, many scars from RK incisions, including one in my pupil area, and after I had a cataract removed the best they could do for me was 20/60 with a piggy back RGP over a soft lens. I tried many versions of scleral lenses but with large pingueculas on both sides of my cornea, those weren’t working for me. When I heard about EyePrintPRO, I called David Slater at their lab in Lakewood, CO. I live in Atlanta and unfortunately right now there is no one offering the EyePrintPRO scleral lenses where I live. David offered to let me come to the lab in CO, which I did. David and Keith Parker at EyePrintPRO could not have been more considerate or kind to me. In just two days, I was seeing almost 20/20 for the first time in over ten years. The process was painless and in just 90 seconds they had a 3D mold of my cornea for a customized lens. I am thrilled with my new lens, and I can’t say enough good things about David and Keith. I highly recommend EyePrintPRO for people with hard to fit corneas – there is nothing like it. If you can’t get the process done in your city, and you can possibly afford it, definitely call them and visit their lab in Lakewood, CO. You won’t find any more professional and caring people anywhere to trust with your vision. Deborah D.
…she has a corneal scar from a fungal infection that took us a year to manage. I tried a regular scleral but even when I added F1 toric, the lens still did not give good vision. I assume because of the shape of the scar , maybe there was too much of a difference in clearance all around the scar, which led to distorted optics. So she opted for the Eyeprint and at her dispense Monday it was 20/20- Amazing! She is so thrilled! I can’t believe she can see 20/20 – it is a miracle!
Dr. Woo
Just a note of thanks and gratitude for you and your dedication to making a difference for your patients. The new left contact fits perfect and has helped eliminate the “build up”.
Shannon G.
This new lens has already improved my life. I am doing things that I never thought I could do again. One of my family’s favorite hobbies has always be target shooting. Since I lost the vision in my right eye I have had to learn to shoot rifles left handed and left eyed. This is kind of awkward. One of the first things I did when I got my Eye Print Pro lens was to go the range and shoot right handed/right eyed again. It was amazing! I was able to hit 3” targets at about 40 yards away. My family and friends actually applauded – they are so happy for me. I am also an avid pool player. One of the attributes playing pool normally requires is depth of field vision but I had learned to adapt. Now that I am getting used to seeing correctly my pool game is improving. This may sound silly but I am also looking forward to seeing my first 3-D movie. I have never been able to watch one correctly. I have tried in the past but all I could see was a blurry red and green distorted movie. It should be fun.
Matt H.
As a result of the EyePrint custom fitting technique, my new EyePrintPRO not only provide me with excellent long and short range vision, they have also eliminated the slight lens sensations and irritations I had with my previous lenses as a result of pingueculas in both of my eyes. With my new EyePrintPRO, I can enjoy near perfect vision even with my severe corneal eye condition.Joseph A.